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  • The staff members on this site are very helpful and friendly.
  • This sever is for the first time Now is Online 24 hour 7 days 
  • If you ar a newbie go to forum at guide section to learn more about the server and the game
  • For more info go to Server INFO

Stay on chat!!!Every day 10 lucky players who is on chat will win prizes
<b>Nume: </b>Odin, <b>Adăugat de:<b> ALexXL<br>Marime: 1024x768, 419.6 kb
<b>Nume: </b>Unsterblich[GM] and his new Pet, <b>Adăugat de:<b> ALexXL<br>Marime: 1020x536, 349.7 kb
<b>Nume: </b>Fling skill, <b>Adăugat de:<b> ALexXL<br>Marime: 1024x768, 423.3 kb
<b>Nume: </b>New Pet1, <b>Adăugat de:<b> ALexXL<br>Marime: 1037x543, 358.3 kb
<b>Nume: </b>Leaders Photo, <b>Adăugat de:<b> ALexXL<br>Marime: 1024x768, 433.2 kb

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